Mural Work

A couple weeks ago I was commissioned for a mural at my cousins office.  She works for ServPro, and thought a little office motivation would be nice in the form of some art on their walls.  I have some progress photos of the project to show the evolution of the sketches and how it turned out.  For my first mural project, I think it went pretty well.  Though, there were some paint mixing complications, where a certain large corporate depot didn't know what RGB meant in the paint shop...

The design is inspired by the Art-Deco movement, and "The Rocketeer" was a large influence when it came to designing the hero's on either side.  There were of course some limitations in the design, such as some of the specific colors, and the use of the main house logo.  The characters were also ServPro, but ultimately the design was up to me on how it all fit together.

In the end, I have to say that it pays to build your network, and I don't think there's any issue in taking work from family.  I think some view it as charity, but now I have an original piece of work that is on permanent display in a building.  Also, money.  Who knows, this could lead to some new vein of art I can mine for a bit.

Thanks for reading, and remember to share me and my art with your friends.

Ray signing off.