Rain, electricity, music, and fun on the mountain

I have survived yet another festival!  Cutluturefest in West Virginia, which I attended upon the suggestion of my new friend Tiffany, was quite the experience.  You should keep an eye on them at Culturefestwv.com or at their Facebook page.  Overall -- I'm glad I went.  I did however, zap myself a bit with one of my amps after it rained the first day of the festival, which was a little scary.  Still, I can't complain when I got to witness a raptor dancing with belly dancer faeries and fire dancers.  I also got a few new ideas for future work to put up in the Play Me show, as well as some input on my other vendor ideas for the future.

I want to take a moment and shout-out to those who had the courage to not only come into my space and interact with me and my instruments, but also who were nice enough to leave some comments in my guest book.  Thanks to everyone who talked, and played!  Especially the Pan Man, the Road Man, and Billy Mays III of Infinite Third.

"Really cool booth."  -Anne

"Great, very creative."  -Linda

"Your original conte drawing that inspired everything else was my favorite." -E

"This is very creative, and simply beautiful.  Keep on doing it.  I adore the instruments." -Omar

"You're great!  Keep it up & good luck in the future!  Best wishes from Russia." -Olga :)

This will probably be the last festival I do this year, but I am always open to suggestions of ones to attend as a patron.  So please, feel free to drop a line for a festival and I'll add it to the log.

I've also updated my Welcome, and Installation pages with photos of the show at Culturefest.  I even got a couple from my GoPro, so take a look and let me know what you think.

As always, thanks for reading.  Share me, like me, and tell a friend.


Ray signing off.