Play Me

  I began my exploration of music as a fundamental way to experience the world after a trip to Italy. Music has always been a big part of my life, and this lead to the conclusion that the best way to experience another culture was through their music. Ultimately this lead to developing my own form of musical expression and a delivery mechanism for that experience. This was inspired by elements found in Vaudeville performance and the environments they created, as well as Neo-Dada's approach of the artist starting a process and handing it off to the audience to finish.
     At the core of this body of work I have developed a set of nontraditional instruments, consisting of prefabricated and custom fabricated parts. There is no traditional way to use any of the instruments; however there are a few visual ques to help guide the participant through their exploration. The intent is to facility a playfulness between the audience and the instruments in an embodied conversation between the two. This is facilitated in an environment inspired by Vaudeville street performance of the late 19th century and the caricature of the traveling salesman. The purpose of the environment and the actor is to simply introduce the participant with an instrument, thus handing off the process from artist to audience.