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hear + there

I have become increasingly fixated on impressing recorded information, related to an event, and the ability to recall that information from everyday objects.  hear + there is a collaborative project concerning sound, place, and chance.  Morgan Kennedy and I traverse the estuaries of greater Cullowhee in western North Carolina, collecting river rocks.  We were able to collaborate as equals through a research assistantship over the summer of 2018 – where we designed, coordinated, researched and executed the first phase of this full-scale project.  Through the incorporation of alpine packboard design and coopering skills to create buckets, we fabricated objects which would allow us to move to the second portion of hear + there.

 While on these hikes, we perform a ritual of collection, where we gather various objects and information from the landscape.  This information takes the form of sound, video, vibration, still photography, mapping and river rocks.  The process of collection is recorded through all these methods and transformed into a new format, where the story of the event is embedded.  The sampling of materials which hold information connected to the experience of the event and the physicality of place are displayed for the audience to engage.  The experience, location, and art objects all act as a signifier of locality and geographic history.

 hear + there is a work in progress.  As Morgan and I continue, we will move from accumulation to curation of the collected materials and documentation.  The resulting display will be a steel armature suspending microphoned river rocks.  Audience members will be able to interact with these objects directly, filling a gallery with the chance sounds or “music” of Cullowhee’s history.  Alongside the rock structure, artifacts used during our process will be displayed, as well as, other forms of documentation we have collected.